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Welcome to Let’s Talk Business

Let’s Talk Business is the first free interactive construction blog full of pertinent information about the industry. 

Dr. Thomas Schleifer created this platform to share the knowledge he has gained about the construction industry over the last 50 years.  You will have continuous free access to Dr. Schleifer’s complete body of work developed over his time in the industry.  Additionally, through the Q&A section, you will have an opportunity to interact with Tom (and other industry experts) by asking questions, providing feedback, and suggesting topics for discussion. 

New posts are uploaded every week featuring hot topics and current events.  Dr. Schleifer’s published works including ENR articles and Schleifer’s Construction Profit Series are available to be read any time.  Schleifer’s Profit Construction Series

Start exploring!  Read through articles published by Dr. Schleifer, stay updated with recent posts, download the Project Selection Process tool, and most importantly connect with us with questions and suggestions to make this blog your own.  Let’s Talk Business!