Our team offers an array of process improvement tools and organizational assessments. Our approach is customized to each organization’s needs, but generally we take the following steps:

  1. Our first strategy is to identify “what success looks like” to your organization.
  2. We will then utilize our experience and knowledge to develop a customized path to achieve success.
  3. Our team provides extensive hands-on education and training, to develop your personnel and staff.
  4. Our mission is to fundamentally change how business is done. Our ultimate goal is to help your organization master the tools, processes, and procedures to sustain this organizational change.


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Many organizations struggle to consistently attract high-performing personnel and vendors. The question is not: “Do high-performing employees and vendors exist?” but rather: “How can we consistently get the best vendors to compete for our jobs and work?” Just as with employees, high-performing vendors are attracted to organizations that truly value and make use of their expertise.

Our team’s first step in helping you obtain top personnel and vendors is to examine and optimize your procurement documents, policies, and procedures. We will then assist you in developing strategies that meet your specific needs, now and in the long-term.

By increasing the effectiveness of the RFP document, organizations can attract the highest-performing vendors—the companies that apply expertise-driven strategies that minimize risk and costs.

To secure these benefits for your organization, our team will:

  • assess your current RFP templates and develop an RFP Report Card identifying opportunities to strengthen your documents.
  • customize and incorporate business best practices into your RFP templates to optimize their effectiveness.
  • provide templates for scope of work requirements.
  • provide a Source Selection Guide containing direction on how to evaluate proposals.
  • provide education and training to key personnel.

A powerful formula for achieving change, whether in an individual, group, department, or organization, is having the right information at the right time. Benchmarking, metrics, and analytics are key in

  • knowing you are getting what you paid for.
  • knowing where problems are occurring.
  • identifying the real-time performance of a project or service.
  • determining agency/department strengths.
  • determining the key opportunities for improvement.
  • differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • maximizing client/customer satisfaction.

Have you ever wondered how to leverage individuals’ unique capabilities to improve organizational performance? To answer that question, we’ve developed a variety of personnel assessments—examining over 300 human factor conditions—to identify traits that are correlated with successful leadership and project outcomes. Assessments are also instrumental in developing personalized talent-development plans for individual personnel.

Based on your needs and objectives, our researchers will assist you in determining the ideal assessments to use, whether for internal personnel only or also for vendor personnel. Using the assessment results, our team can help you develop an organizational profile to benchmark your organization’s environment in relation to other organizations.

In today’s business environment, how can a vendor stay ahead of the competition and secure more business? Whether you’re a construction contractor, designer, consultant, IT consultant, food and beverage provider, or another type of vendor, our team has firsthand knowledge of how owners decide which firm to hire. That knowledge comes from working with hundreds of clients across the globe, reviewing over 5,000 vendor proposals, and observing over 10,000 interviews. Leverage our knowledge, tools, and techniques to make your firm stand out from the rest.

Our team will

  • help increase the hit rate on your proposals by:
    • reviewing and providing guidance on proposal responses.
    • providing training on how to ace your next project interview.
    • providing contracting support and assisting with risk management planning.
  • provide project management and delivery support, creating an environment of transparency, accountability, and increased trust in your next project/service.
  • develop targeted metrics, added value, and client feedback to sustain client relationships.
  • measure the performance of personnel, projects and clients, enabling your ability to bolster your proposals with reliable performance information.

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